by Olivia   May 23, 2018

She helps me when I need to be helped. She sings the theme songs to me to cheer me up. She holds me when I feel like crying. She let? me so much. Why? Because she understands and knows what I am dealing with. Without her, I would be lost in this so-called world. I am broken but around her, I have the strength to know I am not that worthless and am not what they made me feel like. She reads 99.9% of my writings she is the one who told me about this but not just that… She is like a sister rather than a teacher. She knows more about me than anyone. When I have a bad day she is the first one I go to because I know she will not judge me and I know she will listen to me even if she has heard it before. I wouldn´t ask for another person who I can talk to and trust with all of my secrets. Thank you <3


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  • 1 year ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    It's beautiful that you have this person in your life, and it's so encouraging that you can be honest and vulnerable with them, someone who helps you realize your own worth. You have incredible worth, no matter what your mind or anyone else tries to convince you of. It's okay to be broken. We don't have to be these perfect, "put together" reflections of what we think society expects. It's okay to need someone.

    Sending lots of love and comfort to you. Keep writing.

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