COURTNEY!!! (An Acrostic Poem)

by Robert Gardiner   May 23, 2018

(Wrote this Poem/Acrostic to and for this girl I work with that I'm currently putting a charm offensive on, in order to court, win, and woo her fancy and open her to the possibility of us and what "we" could be, have.)

COURTNEY!!! (An Acrostic Poem)

Charmed, By Her Rapture, Captivated, So,
Overwhelmed, By The Magic, Which She Bestows.
Under Her Spell, I Am.
Rhapsody, Befalls Me, When In, Her Presence.
Transfixed, By Her, So, I'm Left.
No Ecstasy, Like That, By Her, Possessed.
Exhilarated, I Am, By Her, Wonder, Sublime.
Yearning, For More Of Her, So, Am I...

Robert Gardiner

As Always, Your Votes & Comments, Greatly, Appreciated, Thank you.


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