Then She Said Yes

by Bleu   Sep 10, 2018

Sitting at a candle lit table trying to pass the time.
A lady walks up, with Emerald green eyes.
She sits down across from a man.
In his pocket, a gift when he asks for her hand.

She's dressed in red and a natural blush covers her cheeks.
Watching from across the room, nothing is ever as it seems.
You can see his hands shaking, the wine in his glass never still.
Taking a dinner boat at sunset; did the rocking not make him ill?

They finished their dinner then desert was served.
Then he falls to one knee with the sweetest words you ever heard.

"We fell in love suddenly, and loving you came with ease.
I knew before we shared our first kiss that You were the reason for my heart beat.
Whether making love or making memories,
You are forever going to be my eternity.

I do not have much to offer you,
My bank account is rarely full.
But, I do know that that when you fall in love,
You are only in need of one tool.

You are my safe haven,
my cushion to help break my fall.
You are my encouragment
in a world that sometimes feels to small.

I can take on the world with you by my side.
So, I just have one question,
Will you give me the pleasure of being my wife?"

The boat fell silent as they waited for her reaction.
But, as tears filled her eyes, He did not get his satisfaction.

She said yes to walking away.
She said yes to starting anew.
But everyone's heart broke when she replied,
"I just can not marry you."


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