Comments : The Key to Happiness

  • 2 years ago

    by Milly Hayward

    A deep piece that reeks of pain and the destruction of self wrought about by self. A thought provoking piece that I needed to read several times. The title "A key to Happiness" at first gives the impression of a poem that will be light and provide a key to happiness but the poem itself reveals a more darker view. A tantalising piece that is somewhat haunting. At the end of it all happiness is a state of mind that fills the moments between joy and pain. Milly x

  • 2 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    The title leads the,reader away from what
    the reader might have thought it would be.
    The start was inviting but the soft tone of
    the words carry a weight of sadness and
    pain...touching write with something for
    the reader to ponder about...