Amen (Halloween)

by Hope   Oct 14, 2018

down on Main Street,
down on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams,
dollhouse to dollhouse...,
"trick or treat, smell my feet...
give me something good to eat,"
a throng that shrouds.....

Amen to the throng that shrouds,
Amen to the Boulevard of Broken dreams;
down on Main Street...
Amen to bone grey clouds,
Amen to eyes of the skull...

"where have you been because I've been there and back again?"
"I'm back,"-"oh, I have had a heart attack,"

A lot to say,
I'm gone by crimson waves ahead,
what are the right words to play?
we all play dead,

bone grey clouds fall,
toxic...a throng through these town-halls,
Main Street=my emporium,
I look up;
and we all fall.....

in my eyes-a torpedo downfall,
grey to the bones-no lie,
behold the blue crystal waterfall,
gems and diamonds-we all move on,

blame it all on me,
the words are so discreet,
no one stays the same,
let it rain.....

grey in the eyes for diamonds,
blue in the soul for gems,
crystal in the heart;
shining in the dark,
hold onto the night,
gold in the stars...,
stars down this reservoir,
stars in my memoir......


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