Waves of the Heart

by Hope   Jan 26, 2020

I'm beyond words for the broken;
a broken heart in waves of the ocean,
the moon can only play the cosmos,
so leave me lone within waves of the heart;
every secret kept in the dark;
not to far from the motion,
I'm left out in the open...…

What's worth the pain and the hurt?
every breath is said in speechless words;
breaking the silence when it's all said by a brand new horizon,
it's all in the shadows of sunlight;
following me in broken hands,
shadows from the heart of gold come alive,
I'm lost in the love,
in my conundrum I look up,
a little broken in my words,

I reach the oceans where love has said it all before,
it might have been worth all the hurt;
seeing a little light in my shadow when the words are hollow,
I keep the dark inside for the saints of shadows,
leave me lone when there is nowhere left to go,
'cause it's all in the dark when it all falls apart.....

leave me your heart,
leave me lone,
the rain falls within the seasons flaws,
I see a little light in my shadow when words become a little hollow.


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