Beautiful!!! II

by Robert Gardiner   Nov 7, 2018


Beautiful, it?s your name. It's such a sweet song to my ears.
I get excited, each time I hear
its sweet, sweet, sound.
It's such a wonderful feeling, just having you around.
Beautiful, it's, your way.
Beauty, it could be described in two words, simply, your face.
Beautiful, it is, your smile, intoxicatingly radiant.
If ever asked, what is beauty, I'd present you as evidence,
Because, truly, you are, beautiful.
You're not only outwardly attractive. Your person, it is, also, wonderful.
With rapture, you just reverb.
You're beauty, in every sense of the word.
Your eyes, a place, where anyone could get lost.
With intoxication, ecstasy, you're just embossed.
No such heaven, as that, with which you besot.
Your beauty, it's flooring, it can make a heart stop,
But only for a moment though, because you're an instant pick me up.
Beauty, it's you, all of you, and that's all I'm trying to say.
I hope you appreciate it, this compliment paid...

Robert Gardiner


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  • 1 year ago

    by chelo

    Let me just say it "beautiful poem".