Never quit

by DamonRay   Jan 16, 2019

Never meant to be the person that I am.
Found hatred when seeing the reflection of this man.
Scars loaded all over me. Like how was I able to live?
Stood toe to toe with the biggest men.
Won all yet losing against my own reflection.
Boxing myself I’m so lost its a lose lose no matter which one of me wins.
See I’ve carried a past that’s set in ruins because their my mistakes I’ve made.
It’s a reminder Superman can’t fix every one of his mistakes.
So many made it’s a shame who I’ve been.
I remember everything each mistake made, everything I’ve touched shattered to pieces a puzzle never able to put back together again.
Heart failing I’m nothing more then a dying man.
Yet for some reason through the pain and misery I still stand.
Bench pressing the world I carry everyday.
Stress overwhelming but I accept my fate.
Way back then to now and for always I’ll walk hand and hand with the past I can’t change.
To let go means I have to bury parts or me.
I am who I am because of then.
I’m me nothing special but to quit is to easy; YET to succeed takes every pain, mistake, misery, blood, sweat, and even those hidden tears to achieve.
I will fail, I will fall face first fifty thousands times before I’m able to reach what I need.
At the end of the day we make what we want happen happily.
Never meant to be the person that I am but who I want to become is my destiny...


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  • 2 years ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Like looking in a mirror of the past selves, it shows the mistakes. They were loaded with the baggage from those people who raised us. They too were learning and making mistakes. The important lessons in life are the ones where we learn to love ourselves and teach our children a new path, a better path and end the cycle of pain.

    I liked this piece. It is truly inspirational.

    Take care and best of luck.