Great Grandpa Harold

by Olivia   Jan 31, 2019

Tribute to the memories we shared..

I would like to thank you all for coming today to celebrate my grandpa’s life. I am here today to help remember the good times that we all had with “Harold” Daniels. I am his great granddaughter. When I was younger, I used to think that loving someone meant that you would cry when they passed away. Now that I’m older, I realize that loving someone is enjoying the time you spend together, the memories you make, and cherishing those memories for a lifetime. With either definition, past or present, I think it is obvious that we all loved my grandpa (and continue to love him) very much to this day.

A legend. You were a humble man full of love, strength and encouragement to all of us. In life and now death you wouldn't want us to focus on the sadness and sorrow but to continue to love and support each other no matter the situation.

Your warm smile taught us that love reigns (rains) supreme. This is what those who were fortunate enough to know you will remember you by. I also remember the jokes you always used to tell when I was by your side; your invaluable wisdom and the advice you shared with me; our passion for keeping things straight and discussing plans for the future. Being by your side was truly a tremendous time of blessing, one which cannot be forgotten. One thing I remember most about you was that you always stretched the truth to make you look like a hero. Well to be honest with everyone here you were a hero. The definition of a hero is exactly that you. Harold Daniels… But the true meaning of a hero a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. You, Grandpa were exactly that. You were my hero. I Love you Grandpa.
Harold and I were never really close but we did share great memories that I will NEVER forget. Even though we weren’t close he was still always there for me when I needed him the most. So here are just a few memories I had with him. I know he would be proud of my for doing this. I love him even though I was really never able to tell him. There is a knot at the back of my throat trying to hide the tears because I know he only wants us to remember the good days not the sad ones.
Grandpa and I used to watch the birds and talk about the flowers. I remember him telling me to stop growing up so fast, but instead to relax, almost every time I seen him. One of the best memories I had with him even though I don’t fully remember these days as they are re-explained to me. Pieces of them fall together. But the most beautiful memory I have of him was when we were on the lake fishing. I was little, just playing a game so it seemed. Almost 11 years ago this wonderful day took place. I was talking about everything and anything. I remember singing, dancing, Catching fish and letting them go just like in the song “Just fishin’” By Trace Adkins… The memory of him and I out in the middle of a lake all I thought was about catching and throwing back. But now looking back on that day he knew we weren’t going to be able to do it again any time soon let alone ever again. I owe this man so much and I wish I could have been by his side every last moment of his life. People said things about him and that made me feel uneasy when I was around him. But now I realize that we weren’t just fishing we were making memories so that I could remember him when he passed away. I love you so much Grandpa I could have never asked for any other memories of you. The one’s I have are the better one’s…. I do wish that I would have been around more, I am happy I was there to see him before he passed. Granted we didn’t get to go fishing one last time but, I promised him when I got to heaven I would go fishing with him and we’d go everyday if he wanted.
A few things I remember most about my grandpa would be that he loved and cared for everyone no matter if he had just met them. He loved everyone, he has four kids and they all have kids and their kids have kids. And the sad part the next generation won’t be able to enjoy his company. As I wrap up this speech, I want to say thank you to the caregivers and the people who helped him in his final days. I love you Grandpa. Rest in Peace. You meant so much to so many of us. Go on and get back to fishing and hanging out with the loved ones who have passed before you. We all too will be there one day. See you then….


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