To Come No More

by Rob   Feb 16, 2019

To Come No More
There is an evil kind of darkness here,
Where on your souls they tend to feed,
The screams you hear cannot be ignored,
Their hunger fed by their eternal greed...

Candles dominate the drift of the darkness,
And gives yet another chance to play,
Fear rides the scales of the madness adorned,
And the screams overheard as they take them away...

To a place where return is impossible at best,
The imagination ceases covertly to exist,
Impaled in the  shadows of the evil inside,
Consumed by the soul with no way to resist...

Impaired by their visions of the lust disengaged,
They walk silently to the end of the room,
In these shadows a constant reminder within,
You were warned not to stay and now face your doom...

It is in this realm darkness they come for you,
Escape so far gone demise shares the night,
The culmination of the desecration within sacred walls,
With no repentance nor any signs  of contrite...

Where the wicked describe feigned entitlements,
The death of one hundred thousand scorned,
And the consummation ties the relationship closed,
Beneath the fire burning red is where they are mourned...

No resistance to pain or misfortune and mistrust,
The Gothic Creed will be sealed in its fate,
For all those who waited and cried bloody tears,
And all for nothing at all because now it's to late...

To Come No More...
† † †

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  • 1 year ago

    by DarkNDangerous

    This was so visual and a fantastic read. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you for this write!

    • 1 year ago

      by Rob

      Thank You so much! See all my works at