Rise With Love

by Soulful Ensemble   Mar 19, 2019

Kisses sent sky-bound
To reach you miles away,
With whispers and sweet sounds
That love has brought our way.

I miss you-- absence lingers,
In the quiet of the night.
Like soft wind upon my fingers
I see you in the light.

Hours pass slowly
But love grows strongly,
As our fates are intertwined
Like grapes are with wine.

With every kiss we reach
Closer to the core,
And our love can only teach
Us more and more.

I lay in bed alone
But distance is illusion,
As our hearts meld into one
And kill all disillusion.

Soon we'll be together
And the sun will rise above.
With rays of light forever
You and I, my love.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Ya----Na

    Such a beautiful way of touching our hearts.

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