by Beautifully Broken   Apr 15, 2019

You don't know what you do to me
And I'm not sure I can explain
How much I still love you
And it's driving me insane

I know you don't believe me
I know your heart I broke
I know that once I left your side
You lost all sense of hope

The years went by without a word
But know you were always there with me
You encouraged me to keep on fighting
When the future I couldn't see

To many times I wished for you
To be back by my side
So many times I broke for you
But from you i'd always hide

I'd cry myself to sleep at night
Knowing I never fought for you
I tried so hard to let you go
What else could I do

I thought you didn't want me
I thought you were better without me there
I thought you would be happier
I thought you wouldn't care

But I couldn't stand it anymore
I had to know you were okay
Those feelings that I fought so hard
I knew were there to stay

But I kept you at a distance
I couldn't break your heart again
So I hid it all from you
I couldn't let you in

The walls I built; I kept them up
I didn't want to show
That inside I died for you
But I couldn't let you know

Slowly those bricks that I laid down
Began to fall away
Still I fought, to keep them up
I had to make them stay

But every time I heard your voice
It made me melt inside
And every time I heard your name
My smile I had to hide

I didn't want to let you know
That i was still so in love with you
But it didn't matter what i did
I could tell somehow you knew

I know that you don't understand
How I can feel the way I do
I know that you don't understand
Why I can't let go of you

You tell me you're not perfect
That your flaws should make me turn away
But believe me baby; that's not true
And I Promise I'm here to stay

No matter what you say to me
And no matter what you do
I'll never want you to be someone else
Someone that isn't you

I wish that I could see your smile
Every time we spoke
I wish that I could hold your hand
To give you just a little hope

I've been so far away from you
When all I wants to hold you near
To hold your hand and walk with you
And to wipe away your tears

To feel every single part of you
That you say you hate so much
To love you and to prove to you
With every single touch

I know our loves forbidden
But that doesn't mean that it's not there
Forever; you'll hold a part of me
I know a love like ours is rare

And I know that I can't heal your heart
But I swear, I'll try one day; you'll see
And to finally feel you by my side
Will bring me to my knees

I know it seems impossible
I know it seems an endless fight
But I promise you I won't give up
I know one day we'll make this right



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Latest Comments

  • 9 months ago

    by the color green

    shoot. i feel like i'm sort of intruding on something very personal here, but given the site you're on, guess that's a good thing? i like how the comments add to the experience by adding a little context, you know? peeking into a couple of girls' lives. i haven't any business being here, but i just want you to know that i support you!

    • 9 months ago

      by Imperfection

      Thank you n it’s here to read the poem itself is talented and a brilliant read and yes it’s personal to us but poems and quotes is very personal to us too so please don’t feel ur intruding read the poems and thank you for commenting and for the support x

  • 10 months ago

    by Imperfection

    You stole my heart from the very start. Every word I said to you I meant from the very beginning and from the heart n though it’s been so hard n hurting so much the feelings I feel I will never regret cuz even tho we have a forbidden love that we can not do anything about I’m grateful for having it something so powerful that I never would have known could even exist if I never met you so i thank you for showing me that for showing me my soul mate does exist n tho my relationships have all been hard I know that that’s cuz I can never truly be happy cause my soul mate is in tassie. N as much as that really sucks I’m so lucky too because I met you n that’s better than going my whole life with never knowing this feeling never really understanding why my relationships don’t work it shows me that was never my fault I’ve just been with the wrong ppl but that’s how it has to be. N maybe wonder the impossible will be beat n if I have to wait my entire life then I will but know this I’m so glad I love you. No one will ever compare you’ll out shine them all. I really do love you baby I always will xxx

    Ps going on this n chat rooms best thing I ever did because I found you! You’re not just my soul mate your my best friend too xx

  • 10 months ago

    by Imperfection

    I have so much to be sorry for and so much I regret I’m the reason you hurt so much xx

  • 10 months ago

    by Imperfection

    I just want to be with you I just want to hold you tight baby :’( I’m so sorry I never wanted you to hurt I wish there was something I could do I wish I really wish I could do the impossible

    • 10 months ago

      by Beautifully Broken

      I wish that I could too :'( And you've nothing to be sorry for sweetie, I don't know how many times I have to tell you