Letters from my Windjammer.

by Dado   Apr 15, 2019

I opened my eyes to an invisible script
Engraved carefully by his salty hands
Fear nothing my child he vowed
I pledge to sail your seas and lands

A fathers oath is blest my child
A mariners oath is sanctified
We’ll sail the seas come rain and storms
Your every need will be glorified

Be blessed my child with courage and pride
A tarpaulins paramount traits
For your my damsel my princess my girl
You will never falter no matter what state

Never compensate my girl never cave down
Aim for the stars, praise the creator at all times
A seafarers destiny is in the hands of god
His sanctuary is in the prayers chimes

Be fierce my child with a divers eye
Valorous and bold like your jack
Forgive and give, have grace and honor
If you stride, always know the way back

My child I sailed through the wind and dark
To keep you enlightened, safe and warm
I shipped through the dense of waters
Cradled you in my thoughts in uniform

Today I earn to see your smile
See the salty water in your veins
I hold your hand and you hold mine
As we walk down this memory lane


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