Play it again Sam

by john lock   May 26, 2019

Play it again Sam

The Bowl, the Garden, I've played them all
Las Vegas in the September Fall
Caesars, Stardust, and the Sands
Obliging girls the one night stands
My face on all the magazines
Penthouse keys, stretch limousines
Still singing through my autumn years
Though the young don’t want to hear
My greying hair is touched with blue
I sing the old songs, nothing new
Though the voice is clear, the pitch still perfect
I’m booked to sing the granny circuit
But I’ll never quit the spotlight glare
Push me on in my old wheel chair
I’ll sing for a dollar or one thin dime
Strike up the band, just one more time
This ageing idol doesn't give a damn
So give me the intro, play it Sam


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