Never My Dad

by Vynn   Jul 9, 2019

Every growing son wants to be like you
Idolize and admire for what you can do
But somehow a realized, that's not true
Because right now I disgraced to have you

You're so lazy yet so greedy with money
Never had a descent job for your family
Instead you let your wife do the rest
Provide us everything and do her best

Others don't want to talk to you, why?
Cause you only care on what you cry
They just ignored you for who you are
A selfish person, that is what you are

Sometimes I asked God why did we have you
My mom deserves better husband rather than you
She is responsible, so beauty and kind
Maybe when she met you, she is blind?

All these hatreds in my heart are just for you
And yet, I don't know why I can't get mad at you
To express my feeling, to tell you everything
You are a worthless person that is good for nothing

I promise myself that I will never be like you
I'll be way better as now I have family too
Because you are the worst person in my life I had
You are just a father but will never be my dad


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