A girl

by KAZ ISHMAEL   Jul 27, 2019

I see a girl in the Staten Island Mall yesterday
And I think that she looks really pretty
But when I ask her out for a date
Say "No you are too darn ugly"

but I must admit, although I was hurt
But I was not surprised
Because I know, that I’m not that good looking
In many of the ladies eyes

But this girl was so darn pretty
I just had to give it a try
But now she calls me ugly
And I just feel to cry

don't get me wrong I know that I'm ugly
But there's a lot of famous people uglier than me
Just take a look at tom cruise
brad pit and George Clooney

And just last year when I went to Trinidad
And was walking down San Fernando
A pretty girl was in a Ste madeleine taxi
And she looks at me and smiles before the taxi leaves to go

So when I came back to America
My confidence was really up and beyond
But now this girl call me ugly
And all my confidence is gone

And I was wearing my Michael Jordan sneakers
And a brand new polo shirt
With expensive Calvin Kline designers jeans
But now I'm walking around the mall with my feeling hurt

I know I was not really handsome
But I don’t know if I'm really ugly for sure
So I went back and to ask her out again
But she calls me ugly again once more

Well everyone knows that Trinidad and Tobago
Is the home of sweet-talking men
And Legend has it “ that them boys in Trinidad
Write the book on picking up women "

so if I could get a few pickup lines
from the boys in Trinidad
then I could use it on this girl
and she would fall in love with me real hard

I forget how to sweet talk like a Trinidadian
Because I am living in America for so long
So I call my nephew Riad for advice
But they said that he went down to princes' town

And when I call to talk my next nephew junior
In Trinidad, they nickname him ”The girls them sugar”
Azad said that he went to check out a girl
Somewhere down up in Moruga

But I remember a few lines I heard someone said
The last time that I was in Trinidad
So I went back to talk to the girl
With the only few words that I had

So I said to her “Girl you looking like a lobster”
" with all of the meat in your tail”
You know the girl call Paul Blart the mall cop
And they almost put me in jail

So now the next time that I go to Trinidad
I will have to cram a lot of sweet talk in my brain
And until I mastered the art of sweet-talking like a Trinidadian
I am not talking to any girl in the mall again


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