The house my father build

by KAZ ISHMAEL   Jul 27, 2019

Have anyone seen my father
That is his bicycle right there
I see the trees he planted in the front yard
But I don't see my father anywhere

I look at the window
To see if he's looking at me
The curtains are moving
So where could my father be

I have been away for so long
But now I know I was so wrong
Because now I come back home
But it seems like my parents are gone

I thought I was a good son
But I seek my happiness away from home
The best years of my life
I left my parents alone

Was it worth it?
Being away from my parents for so many years
Now I can't see them again
And now my heart is broken and full of tears

I stand in the house
My father built with his own hands
A hardworking man of a few words
I can still see him mixing concrete with gravel and sands

And he never swears or complains
Even when his hands were bruised swollen and blue
He kept toiling away
My father never gives up, he did what he had to do

But now my father is gone
And I wasn't there to ask him why
I wasn't there to say " dad I love you
I wasn't there to say goodbye

My tears are falling
Rolling down my face
All those precious time
I could have to spend with my mother and father
I let it go to waste

Searching for the world
But all I'm left with is emptiness
Searching for years away from my home
Away from the only people I miss

I see our old singer sewing machine
By the window in the backroom
But I don't see my grandmother in her chair
Maybe she's in the backyard with a coconut broom

A lady born with a handicap
But is always on the go
Never feeling sorry for herself
Always looking ahead for tomorrow

But I don't see her today
I don't see her anywhere
I can still imagine her in the gallery
Combing my little brother's hair

So much I needed to learn
About her life that I never ask before
Great historic memories of her youth
A trove of treasure she took with her

I look for my aunts. uncles and cousins
Some are happy to see me, and some are looking down from the sky
I think of the memories they left me with
I can't help myself I started to cry

My boy is watching tv quietly
And I wonder what's going through his mind
My boy is going through so much
I blame myself for bringing him in a world so unkind

I wish I turn could back time
But I don't know how too
I wish I could turn back time and go back
to my happy childhood home, I once knew


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  • 6 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    If I haven't said it before (my memory is terrible and you have written quite a few poems lol) Welcome to our little poetry community - a place where you can read and showcase poems and interact with other like minded people. A great place to hone your skills and comment on poetry and receive comments back on your own. There are discussion forums and you can enter free poetry competitions too..

    I enjoyed this poem it is longer than I would normally like to read but it is compelling. It gives a warning of the perils of lost relationships with family in particular the regret of loss of opportunity to make up again and time wasted being apart. Something that is nearly always regretted in the end. A warning for others perhaps not to leave it too long before contacting family after an estrangement. Best wishes Milly