My daughter, not yours

by Beautiful Tragedy   Aug 1, 2019

I'm sorry that you lost your daughter.
I'm sorry that you carried her for nine months;
That you got attached to all of those little kicks and punches,
That you went through the morning sickness and the emotions and the stress of not being ready for a baby financially.
I'm sorry that you bought all of these things for her-
Precious pink blankets and but loads of bottles and binkis,
And never got to use them.
I'm sorry that you made it through the entire pregnancy
only to have the doctors tell you that your baby had no heartbeat-
I can only imagine how painful that was.
But my daughter is not your daughter-
And she never will be.
So please stop saying she's exactly like you;
That she gets everything from you and that you are her fiercest protector-
You're not.
I'm mom-
And she's not like you she's like me and she is not your child she is mine.
So stop pretending she is.


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