My love

by Rey Severs   Aug 4, 2019

I apologize, my love, for I am an addict,
For all the things this world refused to share,
And although sometimes we cannot speak,
I know you are always there.

To be so kind, to someone broken,
With little trust, and deep seeded pain,
if I could meet you several times,
you'd fill up each and every day,

This love we have is unique, our bond sacred,
For we only want what is best for each other,
Patience, kindness, calm and truth,
You give all of these things to me , my lover.

I'm not sure what the point is, to me writing this, but it is just for you,
I suppose inside I want to share, what I know you know is true.
For as long as my heart keeps beating, inside I promise you a place,
No matter how long, and no matter the distance,my love for you, won't ever be erased.

For I love you.
So very much.
Every second.
Every minute.
Of every day.


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