Bleeding Heart

by Rey Severs   Apr 8, 2021

Loving me is rought,
And I don't know how to tell you,
All the things I need,
To smile like I do.

Every day is a struggle,
That eats my very core,
Darknes spews lies at me constantly,
Not that I've never heard them before.

Some days I break down and don't know why, I'm a mess,
I'd look at you, but I'd only cry,
My head and life are just all stress.

My hand will reach to pull you close,
My teeth bare once I can reach you,
I want and need you the most,
Ugliness simply wants to abuse.

I'm changing in me darling, as my heart begins to bleed,
I've kept this pain bottled so long, and it is starting to seethe,
It's a long journey and it won't be easy, but I know you're by my side,
Shadows are only shadows, if I can keep to your stride.

Just a bleeding heart, and I found my other piece,
The part that were missing, in memories such as these.
You complete my love, I know I say it often, sometimes more,
You are my world, and to you I promise, we'll be happy like before.


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