Hard to feel pretty

by Beautiful Tragedy   Aug 4, 2019

It’s so hard to feel pretty after you have a baby.
I’ve been super lucky as to have avoided the stretch marks and ridiculous weight gain;
But somehow my self esteem has still plummeted.
Looking at myself in the mirror I brush the tears from my face-
I’m being ridiculous and I know this but I can’t help it;
I struggle to feel confident as I look at my body and try to pick out flaws that I know aren’t there.
My eyes flutter over every inch of my skin,
Telling me that I’m still not pretty because my stomach isn’t
as flat as it used to be even though my abs are still visible-
My hips are a little more fuller than they used to be and my boobs are now an entire cup and a half size bigger.
I actually look like a woman-
And my brain is telling me I’m ugly.
I struggle to understand why I feel like this and I search for an explanation;
Coming up with no good reason as to why I could hate my body so much right now.
I wipe the tears again and walk away from the mirror I’ve been avoiding since I had my daughter because;
It’s just so freaking hard to feel pretty after you have a baby-
No matter what you look like.


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