The Real You

by schmetterling   Oct 9, 2019

I was comfortable
with you,
and I thought that meant
that you were
right for me.
I was wrong though.
Your lack of sympathy
for what I was
going through
indicates that the most.
You made me cry
when we were in public,
and I never felt
like I was your number one
when you were always mine.
Three weeks
after I was hospitalized
with your name
in my suicide note,
you made a joke
about suicide
in a group chat of ours.
How insensitive
can you be?
Especially since
your mother
talked me out of it.
I understand now
the evil behind
your "kind" actions,
and I know
that you are in fact
I never had
confidence in myself
the entire time
we were together,
and you never
brought me up
from the grave
I was in.
I thought that because
you weren't abusive
that you were good,
but in fact
you were no good at all.
Yet somehow
you hurt me
worse than anyone else.
I will never believe
when someone says
they love me
because of you.
I will never believe
when someone says I'm beautiful
because of you.
I will never believe
that someone won't leave
because of you.
You have ruined
my trust in people.
I hope that burns a hole
through you
for the rest of your life.


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