Goodbye meth

by Jette Dale   Oct 10, 2019

Meth,the words I'm writing here in this letter I mean them & this is coming from the core of my heart. So please listen closely this will be the last time we talk. I will have nothing more to say, I'm closing the door & sealing it forever. Anything & everything that has to do with u, I'm going to burn it & put it in a coffin& nail it shut, bury it & just be done be done with u. Not only have I given much of my precious time,but u have also taken that & so much more. It's over, u & me, I have lost everything that's ever really meant something to me. Due to my bad decision to having a good time with u. It was really all just a waste cause u r & we're not worth any of it. Your nothing but pure evil,& all u do is take,lie,& cheat. There's no good or positive things to come from u. I won't even give u the time,energy,or satisfaction of me hating u. I can never get back the things u had me to loose,all the tears that I have cried,the sleepless nights spent all alone,the friends I thought were real,the love that I gave to the fakest people u brought into my life,my family,the time,oh all the time & the things I missed out on,people that I've lost whom r with GOD now,that I miss so much. The pain in my heart that will never go away. The embarrassing way u had me acting,the things u had me doing. Well not anymore cause now u r dead & gone to me... U selfish,uncaring,dispicable piece of trash,!! I will let EVERYONE know,EVERYONE I meet,or anyone willing to listen about the bullshit that u bring. This I will do, to keep the next person from the hurt, so yeah I'm so done with u. Goodbye,
From : me to: u (meth)


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