Baby logic

by Beautiful Tragedy   Nov 23, 2019

It’s 3am and all through the house;
Not a creature is stirring-
Not even a mouse.

Let me scream.

My mom is so pretty;
And her hair sure is too-
I could just sit here and admire it;
Be all cute and just coo.

Let me pull it and try to eat it.

Mom and dad are cuddling;
Oh my how cute!
I wake in my sleep and
Give out a hoot.

I’ll just scream, those boobies are mine!

Awe look at mom pumping for a bottle for me-
for later.
Dad doesn’t get the special treatment I do-
And he’s such a hater!

Let me scream for food now so the bottle doesn’t steal all my milkies!!!

Baby logic.


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