Color Of Friendship And My Valentine's Day Poem

by Abstract Poet   Dec 3, 2019

Well, Valentine's Day! is on its way so
I thought I would stop and say HELLO!
each and every day you are there oversea.

I am here in the U.S.A. as I look at your
photo of how handsome, smart, friendly,
and funny you are I know your sweetest.

TRUE FRIEND! if I could see your face in
a tear or smile I know I have made your
day brighter as rainbows, I constantly.

sit here and wonder your day when if I
could tell you my deepest feelings to you
I would but when we talk to each other.

it seems we have things in common makes.
me think as I go to bed at night I am thinking
about you because our friendship will grow.

it's a beautiful thing that love, is in the air on
this day I hope your not alone and my love
somehow that cudip hit me with his arrow.

my eyes are filled with hearts, my love is
strong for you I wrote a Valentine card to
you hoping you would like this card.

I wrote it means everything to me after I send
this card in a message to you because you
mean everything to me as my friend.

I am glad I have met you online on Mobion
I will never forget you either because I have
made a special friend that color of friendship.

And my Valentine it's true because friendship
is the most powerful thing on this earth so
Happy Valentine's Day Julio! I love you so much.

my friend I give so much care to you on this day
I'll never forget this special day happen on Mobion
because Color of Friendship And My Valentine.

Copyrighted by: Abstract Poet
Dedicated to: Julio Mow


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