Poems About Cyber Friendship

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  • Nanny

    by donyelle

    As I look at you I do not see the pain
    You hide it well and still put a smile on your...

  • The Home I Had Forgotten (1)

    by No One You Know

    This place truly is
    The home I had forgotten...

  • H. Elizabeth 1

    by Linda

    A flower petal princess,
    adrift in the current...

  • Lost in sweet refelctions
    And eerie silence...

  • Sorry?..,

  • Alone still..

    by Ricky Story

    You were the only friend I ever had…
    Wauw.. I didn’t know...

  • So many words left unsaid, only hinted to
    But eagerly spilled emotions can turn sour...

  • Butterflies (1) 2

    by Kate

    I thought this feeling was long gone
    An elusive creature and I was their poison...

  • Title Help Pls?

    by CânnâBîsh

    Thank you for being my best friend
    & Always believing in me...

  • Crocheting 1

    by Anna Banasiak

    closed in time
    I’m looking in memory...

  • When 3

    by Kate

    Sometimes all I want to do is check up on you
    But I understand if my company’s not wanted...

  • 2021 NaPoWriMo #4 (2) 3

    by M. Rene'

    We've almost all