You Sntty Heap OF .Parrot Droppings

by Michael Potter   Jan 7, 2020

You snotty heap of parrot droppings
You really make me sick
You have a face of a baboons backside
And the inelegance of a brick
You only have one brain cell
And that doesn't work because its always sick
You can't multitask
Even with paper and a pen
So at 53 years old we don't know if you are going to learn to write
So that's why for .Christmas we buy bought you crayons
Which makes your simple mind happy
But to anyone else that present would be considered as crap
When I asked you to go to the shop for a loaf of bread
You came back with a tin of dog food and a single hens egg
You went to see a psychologist just to be assessed
You was told not to come back because you caused the psychologist too much stress
We tried to abandum you outside a police station with a note around your neck
But they brought you back with a note from the police
They said you can do away with him without any recourse regarding being arrested
We did consider doing away with you but we believe you would escape from your coffin
So until we can find somewhere that will take a 53 year old imbecile
We will keep you in a baby playpen with Lego to keep you occupied
And we will put the telly tubbies on the TV to stimulate you brain
I have taken in a friend of a friend just as a favour
But I had no idea that I was being used for to dump a village idiot
So I will have to dump him on someone else like my friend did
Because I cnr't take you much more you fecking idiot


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