Comments : Ode to Great Power

  • 2 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Goodness graciousness. This is truly a mind-blowing week for poetry.

    There is SO much in this poem, I keep coming back to and re-reading. There is such a story to your words, a bite, a gnawing reality that is blind to many. Because they'd rather believe they are doing the best for the world when it's only in their own interests.

    I cannot comment on every line, I just am honored you share this with us. The thing that stands out most to me is thinking about how much hypocrisy is in my government. It makes me think of how easily Americans are told that so-and-so is a "terrorist", but we are not told of the civilians who suffer overseas, we are not told who or why or what aggravated this or that attack. We are only brought up to believe, "these people want to kill us". And it's all lies. The media often shows the worst so we think there is no humanity in our countries.

    What I keep going back to after reading your poem is how we are taught of the importance of our second amendment, to bear arms, yet anyone else who does so, who fights to protect their own land, is deemed an enemy.

    "black never did fit the pallet;
    brown has always been dull.
    Scarfs are suffocating women,
    skirts have always been the trend."

    - Again, made me think of America believing we know what's best. Telling other cultures what should or shouldn't be accepted, not even realizing how condescending we are to dictate what is "suffocating women" or not when it's their choice and their beliefs to do so or not. And yes, there is almost no other shade but varying degrees of "white" that can satisfy apparently. You hit the nail on the head.

    We are promised that we are being protected every step of the way, that our nation is the best example of how to live, but we're not told the truth: the causalities, the aftermath of this kind of sick, obsessive power, and how so many believe we still have the best intentions. By placing ourselves anywhere and everywhere, choosing to be involved and convincing everyone it's what had and has to be done.

    Rania, love you so much! <3

    • 2 years ago

      by Rania

      Thank you for your all-the-time thorough reviews and authenticity MA <3 I love you too. This shoe fits every Great Power of our world today, IMO no greatness did rise with clean hands ever so far. Innocent people will always pay the price for the calculations of the "big". Thank you <3