Strength and serenity

by ariana   Jan 10, 2020

You had my heart but now it's poisoned
Imprisioned in a cage of liquid fire
Ingolfed by the flames of isolation and neglect.
Why can't you free my heart from this sorrow.

You had my voice but now its silenced
Clammed up laughter muffled by the sound of anger
The past that once was now forgotten
Concealed in disillusion a comfort my heart bears.

You had my soul but now it decays
Rotten to the core with failure and defeat
Every inch eroded to dust to float in the wind
Nothing as such to carry it home.

You had my dreams but now sollowed
buried in the deepest depression of the sea
Drowning on its last taste of air.

You had my life but.. .. .. .. now so will my son.

I give him my heart to set free
Unlocking the cage of burden
Frezzing the flames
Piecing the love and joy back

I give him my voice blustering and full
Encouraging the laughter and serenity of happiness
To create the present memory
Holding on to hope for my heart to mend

I give him my soul to replenish
To nurse it through recovery
Discovering every particle
To bring me back home.

I give him my dreams for ambition and utopia
Diving in the dwell to enlighten the pond
Bring into life with each breath

I am no longer yours but.. .. His.


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