No Going Back

by Walter   Jan 14, 2020

I know you were mad and reacted as such
The things that you said you didn't mean that much
The words that you chose were out of spite
But that doesn't mean everything is alright

I cannot forgive what I can't forget
You might have moved on but I haven't yet
Maybe it's easier to just pretend
While you were screaming you never meant to offend

With our backs facing we slept through the night
And come the morning you pretend we're alright
As if last night didn't happen at all
What you felt then you no longer can recall

You said a lot of things I thought I'd never hear
Suddenly to me you no longer feel near
Those words from now on will make me remind
That I no longer can leave this behind

I'll play along like we were before
The words that you spoke for now I'll ignore
But it won't take long I'm sure you will see
We will never go back to how we use to be


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