New Life-a true story for my friends poets here

by Anna Banasiak   Feb 20, 2020

He saved her life. But it was a long time ago…
People were just shadows. Every moment was filled with longing for the lost presence. She has always wanted to stop time. Everything was just a mirage of a changing consciousness. She wasn't sure whether the surrounding reality exists. She felt like a spider tangling a net of events. Among whispers, glances and voices she created fictitious worlds. Every word was a story. The moment reminded her of a river of childhood. She waded in the water like a heron. The water was calm, clear as a mirror. Everything was possible. The boundary between childhood and adulthood did not exist. She has always lived in a world of dreams. Mother told her to keep her feet on the ground.
-Life is a way-she remembered her mother saying it-people can change it and make You happy-there are many ways that You can choose, but it's not always Your way of life, sometimes You can wander and return, the way can be far away, but it's worth to fight for Your dreams, always cherish yourself and don't give up
She liked to listen to the sounds of life. Existence seen through the mirror was falling apart to pieces. The shapes seemed unreal, immersed in a pure form, without beginning and end. It was closed in the microcosm of her visions.
She wanted to spread out wings and fly away, look at life from a distance. Mother, father, family, it was the world that ensures peace, time was playing her like a doll in spite of passing…
She has always wanted to see him once again and thank him for everything: a new life, friends, family and a helping hand…
Suddenly she saw the light. She listened intently to the melodies of existence woven of the finest matter and dreams. Place where you can immerse yourself and observe the surrounding reality. Light and darkness, colour and sound, everything was repeatable, reflecting the circle of life.
She met him again.
-J. is that You?
The cry of her son has interrupted her musings. Life has come back to normal.
She was happy.


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