Just Virgo

by LezLove   Mar 25, 2020

Strong mentality
With an ability to detect bullish
I can be sweet
Don't confused that with being weak
Cross me once
And I will gladly cut you
Off with no second chance
Won't look back
Even if you beg
Cause I'm way to smart
To fall for that
Very Independent
Don't get mad
If I say I don't need you
I still will grind hard with or without you
I stay one hundred
Which means I don't got time for fake shit
Most loyal of them all
And If I love you
I will refuse to let you fall
Tell me who is better than a Virgo
If you're fortunate to have love from us
Know that we will go hard for you
No matter what
We do have an hidden wild side
That only our true love can see
So if you get yourself a Virgo
Consider yourself lucky


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