A Moment’s Madness in Infinite Space (Thinking of You)

by 31 Solus   Apr 15, 2020

Tick Tock Tick Tock
152 Words and counting
Something’s scratching at my mind
There’s rats in the walls and they won’t let me sleep
And all the time the clock gets louder
Feels like it’s quickening
Picking up its step
Wringing it’s hands
Like they’re around my neck
And I’m stuck here with my demons
My insecurities
And then there’s you
Ha... and all the time it’s
Tick Tock Tick Tock
My heart races in anger
I can taste metal...
I worship you
Like a moth worships flame
And in the embers of your wrath
Writhe your snakes
I await their jealous strike
Not fangs...
Was that a noise I hear
A door being gently forced?
A curtain being pushed aside
A cushioned footstep on the stairs
Perhaps it’s my imagination
As the door handle moves
A vibrant sunset fills my room
And it’s you my jealous God
My Yellow King
My heartbeat...
I have no words


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