The Meaning of Love

by Walter   Apr 26, 2020

I see you with him
He has control
And acting like
He owns you whole

You let him lead you
As he holds your hand
It makes me wonder
Why you withstand

I know you're different
When you're alone
You are yourself
Not what he owns

But when he's near
It seems all an act
This can't be love
How you react

Yes we met once
And both said hi
I know you're taken
By that guy

It's not my business
For me to judge
You have your mindset
And won't budge

But if I was with you
I'd try to impress
Because to me you're
A sweet princess

I would treat you
With full respect
There's no way you could be
More perfect

But loves now lost
It's romantic side
The rules it once had
No longer apply

No more emotions
And what's in your heart
It's no wonder why so often
Love falls apart


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