I Dare You

by Walter   May 16, 2020

They first met in class
Right back in grade one
Since they sat together
Their friendship had begun

They had so much fun
And together they would laugh
All the things they'd do
Were never done by halves

Whenever one called
The other would respond
And quickly they formed
An unending bond

And soon their mischief
Would play truth or dare
To try to push boundaries
Neither one would care

She passed him a note
During class silent reading
"I dare you to burp!"
He did and succeeding

The whole class erupting
A hysterical roar
Except for the teacher
Who would point at the door

And of course he paid
For lack of attention
During his lunch break
He got detention

So now this started
A challenge enduring
Each time more daring
But neither one refusing

He thought long and hard
For his dare the next day
And told her to be silent
Not a word she can say

She thought this too easy
Till the teacher asked a question
But couldn't hide her smirk
Of her facial expression

The teacher would point
So detention also for her
Determined this rudeness
Will not occur

And so this went on
Now both in their teens
All the years of laughter
Which now they have seen

But now things got tricky
That they are both older
And always together
Shoulder to shoulder

One night at a party
At the end of high school
Both warm and happy
With feelings that fuel

While sharing a dance
To his favourite song
And finally realising
How much they belong

He slowly moved closer
His lips to her ear
And whispered a dare
Only she would hear

She moved ever slightly
Both now face to face
And kissed him so gently
With feline grace

Then suddenly realising
This is all meant to be
Leaving hand in hand
The party they would flee

In the still of the night
On a moon lit sky
She thought of a dare
Which he would deny

Some gorgeous flowers
Perched right on a ledge
Of an apartments
High fifth floors edge

She dared him to pick
A beautiful red rose
Just joking and thinking
He would oppose

But without pausing
Nor an excuse
There wasn't a challenge
For her he'd refuse

He climbed each ledge
On the balcony's fence
Ignoring her cries
And leaving her all tense

Not soon enough
Now on the fifth floor
He picked her red rose
That she had asked for

In his moment of triumph
He let his foot slip
While holding the rose
He lost all his grip

She let out a scream
As she watched him fall
And burst into tears
When he hit the floor

Holding him so tightly
She could only cower
Watching his body
Turn red as her flower

Now one year later
And she's not yet moved on
Refusing to accept
Her true love's really gone

So often she'll visit
And stop by his grave
Still yearning for him
His love she would crave

She speaks out to him
In a hysterical voice
And demands him to listen
Not giving him a choice

"So it's my turn again
And this my last dare
Please come back to me
And end this nightmare"

She waited for hours
But still for no use
And only now she's found
A dare he would refuse...


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Latest Comments

  • 5 months ago

    by Shae

    This time I had to cry.

    • 5 months ago

      by Walter

      Oh no...and now tears too!!! Thanks again Shae.