by Beautiful Tragedy   May 19, 2020

“Can I call for assistance yet?”
The irritation in my voice would have been clear if the sound of the screaming and pounding wasn’t echoing down the hall.
At this point in my shift all staff are tired and aggravated;
And I’m ready to use this kid as an excuse to call down to security
so I can see you for just five damn minutes.
That’s all I want,
Is to see you.
My head pounds and my heart races as I stand impatiently waiting for the go ahead but I don’t get it-
I’ll have to wait until my shift ends.
Taking in a deep breath I just picture your face and then picture you tackling this annoying ass kid who is mad over...
What the hell is he mad over?
I really need one of your hugs.
When things calm down I grab my keys and head for the door;
Wanting you to be my destination but knowing I can only head for a cigarette.
I thought I had this figured out??
Best friends?
Awkward acquaintances?
I really don’t care at the moment,
Right now all I know is I want your comfort.
Even if I don’t know or can’t figure out why.


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