The Dream

by Johnathon   May 20, 2020

Many sleepless nights ago
I dreamt of a cabin covered in snow.
Within its walls, I felt warm, secure.
What I’d find through its window would prove me unsure.

As colors danced throughout the room,
Chords of felicity soon did bloom.
The jubilee bellowed; it spread like fire.
The world through the window sat sundered like pyre.

I indulged in libations; I jabbered and crooned.
The night came and went like a bursting balloon.
Whirling in circles, we all shared a melody.
Outside, I caught glimpses of gray eventuality.

For a moment, I wondered, if time were to stop, like a bludgeoning hand to a spinning top...
Would they notice it too? Would they see there’s no door?
The window began to drip onto the floor.

The hues collapsed; the music recoiled.
Our dancing fell flat, drab and spoilt.
As the room melted hauntingly, I froze in place.
I awoke from the dream—from the window’s embrace.

This was many nights ago.
I’ve tried to forget; I’ve tried to let go.
I can still see their faces, grimaced and crass—
Reflected in fractures upon colorless glass.


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Latest Comments

  • 2 weeks ago

    by Shruti

    Hello and a warm welcome to P&Q!
    I really enjoyed reading this, because I was able to picture everything clearly in my mind. The first verse immediately drew me in, it felt like you were about to tell us some bizarre story, and bizarre it was!
    Dreams are weird, and the vivid ones aren't that easy to shake off even after we wake up.

    Your poem is about one of those vivid dreams, but I also couldn't help but compare it to real life. It's like at one moment we are happy and celebrating with others, and the next moment something happens and it breaks us down. Like how we don't see the difficult times approaching and it happens all of a sudden. We try to look for the door to escape, but there is so door.
    But eventually we get through it, just how we wake up from the dream. Just my own little interpretation! ^_^

    Oh the rhymes are good too. Thanks for sharing!

    • 2 weeks ago

      by Johnathon

      Thank you very much. I appreciate the feedback as well as your interpretation. I’m happy that you enjoyed it :)