Long road

by Beautiful Tragedy   May 22, 2020

You didn’t just break my heart;
You crushed my soul.
You promised to love me and when things got hard you gave up so fast;
And I put everything into it.
I wake up and focus on key points to get through my day-
A cigarette.
A Mountain Dew.
This specific activity.
Focus on work to get my mind off of it,
But at the end of the day that helpless feeling always sets back in and my heart sinks to my stomach
with the thought of your name or the picture of your face.
I can’t comprehend why you would make the promise to love someone unconditionally just to crush them like this.
My friends tell me it’ll get better.
My dad tells me to let you go.
Everyone else tells me I deserve better.
In reality-
I’m just trying to survive every single day because it feels nearly impossible to do so.
One day I’ll wake up and the ache in my chest won’t be there anymore.
One day I’ll wake up and the image of your face won’t hurt me anymore.
One day I’ll wake up and it won’t hurt.
It’s just getting to that point that is so damn hard,
And I’m realizing fast that is going to be a really really long road.


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