A Lonely Drink

by Walter   May 22, 2020

There once was this couple
Who met so long ago
And they both fell in love
Their feelings would always show

All the years shared together
With her right by his side
He thought he would propose to her
And so then the knot he tied

It felt like a match in heaven
And things were always bliss
He loved having her so close
Each day they would always kiss

But slowly things started to change
And he didn't understand
Although it took seven years
Things now started to look a bit bland

One day he got a bit curious
And thought he'd check her phone
As lately she was always on there
To whom it was unknown

He never did this before
And it was password protected
Tried their anniversary date
Success it wasn't rejected

But then he was so shocked
When he saw upon the screen
All these pictures and messages
From a man he's never seen

With love heart emojis and kisses
And places that they would pair
He truly could not believe
That his wife is having an affair

So he decided to send a message
From and to her own phone
When she comes back from jogging
This is why she'll be all alone

And he went to the only place
At the time his mind could think
He only wanted to forget her
So to the bar to buy a drink

He sat alone at a table
Shared only with empty glass four
When confronted by a girl
Who just stood right there before

She said "I'm sorry to bother you
But is this seat a spare?
Because the pub is so full
And I can sit no where"

He gestured with his hand
Although wanted to be alone
Now forced to share his table
With someone not even known

Soon after she had a few drinks
It's then she'd start to talk
Told him her husband had cheated
So now this is why she walked

Before you know they're both raving
Sharing stories they each want to tell
And it didn't take long for either
To admit that they get on so well

But then it suddenly got awkward
Just when the pubs about to close
They both then had to make choices
Exactly how all this will go

But loves a strange emotion
Even when it's offered to you
Why do we confuse our choices
And pick the one we know's not true

Sharing many hours together
They gave each other a hug
But unfortunately both gave into
Other emotions that pull and tug

Sometimes love works strange ways
And for you will open a door
Why some people prefer to be hurt?
And go back to what was before?

Who knows what they both gave up
Maybe a loved life they'd share
Why wouldn't anyone ever chance this
For someone who just doesn't care?


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Latest Comments

  • 1 week ago

    by cassie hughes

    People are strange animals sometimes. Nicely written

    • 1 week ago

      by Walter

      Thanks Cassie :)