by Tasha   Jun 22, 2020

You are in my thoughts; dirty and dry,
Girl you so fly, you make me want to cry
them happy tears,
I move past my fear and turn on the gear
Oh dear, I ask myself and remind me it’s a game of two; me and my boo.
I can’t decide and wish on your behalf.
I crave your love all day and night, though I don’t say it much.
You see it in me my desire to have you is bigger than anything you have witnessed.
I admit I was in doubt and disappointed you
Which was not my intention, trust me.
Never have I tried this, but I’m happy you got me opening myself to you.
Meeting someone on the net was new to me so I questioned myself and risk the loss of meeting you.

Idk if it makes sense but I like you a lot. (Wink wink)


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