A Fussy Eater

by Walter   Jun 26, 2020

Mum I love my dinner thanks so much for my pasta
But if you made it shorter then I could eat it faster

Son it's not a game and you should savour your food
Try to take your time and you'll be in a much better mood

But mum, I can't help it and I have to slurp it down
And because it's so long, it really makes me frown

Well son I can't change a classic recipe
That's been around for years...no-one would agree

Oh mum, I promise I wouldn't tell a soul
If next time shorter pasta is what's inside my bowl

But son can you imagine how every one would be
If I served you shorter pasta and called it spaghetti

Well mum don't you worry because it wouldn't show
I would eat it so quickly no one would even know

Son you don't realise that cooking this takes time
And now you want me to cut it, this will start to climb

Mum I promise that it will cause you much less pain
With short pasta and my clothes there'd be no more sauce stains

I can't take this son, consider yourself a winner
I'll give you exactly what you're asking me for dinner

Oh thanks so much mum and I'm prepared to wait
Although I am so hungry, please don't let it be too late

Fifteen minutes later she hoped that this would please
When she served him on the table macaroni cheese

He studied it for a minute but when he tried to eat
Frustration is what he felt and quickly faced defeat

Oh what is wrong now this is what you asked for
This pasta so much shorter than the one before!

But there's now a hole and this doesn't improve
Because when I try to slurp the pasta doesn't move!

Poor mum she had enough of trying to be so nice
She took it away and served him just plain white rice

She waited for a reaction and expecting glum
But shocked with his reply when he told her it was yum!


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