Drunk In Love

by MysteryMan   Jul 10, 2020

I use to turn the bottle upright to be free
Drowning myself in a glass to escape
But lately I can’t seem to be free of you
The pain I can’t seem to vacate
Drowning myself in a pool of whiskey
Drinking till the bottle is dry
I just need one moment to feel empty
A moment where the hurt no longer resides
Slowly I take in the numb feeling
Till I shouldn’t feel the need to care
From the bathroom floor I look up to the ceiling
Realizing my love for you is still there
Time presses on but my love for you cannot
The liquor didn’t fade the thought of you
The heart remembered what time forgot
The affliction I couldn’t subdue
Thinking maybe I didn’t drink enough
So I chug the bottle in the air
Once again I take in the numb feeling
But yet my love for you is still there
DRUNK IN LOVE on the bathroom floor
With the presence of you trapped inside
Time after time I’ve been here before
The pain of the past still resides


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