Letter to my unborn

by Mrs. Adams   Jul 27, 2020

Dear my little king or queen

I'm truly in love with you already

and know that

I will do everything in my power

To protect you at all costs

I am going to make my mistakes

No parent is perfect

I will learn from you

And you will learn from me

But if I can tell you anything right now

To prepare you for this crazy world

It would be

You are going have to be strong

And sometimes fight back your tears

Don't show your weakness

Don't show your fears

Hold in your feelings

And sometimes don't let your emotions show

Be that strong powerful black king or queen

This unpredictable world

Sometimes don't want you to be

Be strong in the mind body and spirit

And be protective with your heart

Do not let people run over or to take advantage of you

Trust me when I say this they will try to

So don't trust too easily

This world is going to try to break you

It will try to destroy and control you

Through all your good days and bad days

Stay strong in your faith

Know that my love for you

No matter what

Won't ever go away


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