Maybe Next Week

by Walter   Jul 27, 2020

We seem to live life at a fast pace
Where everything feels like a race
Ignoring the present and the past
And never making any moments last

Tomorrow on our mind for today
Not often we see what's on display
The people we love we rarely choose
And they might as well become statues

Turning down a date somebody asks
And leaving it for a future forecast
Knowing so well plans won't be made
And forever it will just become delayed

Don't forget most likely you share a life
With a friend, a lover, a husband or wife
Instead of coming home and feeling stress
Once and a while try to be spontaneous

Show them how much they mean to you
Love is like a mirror and then they will too
Tell them they look beautiful while you smile
Just a heart felt compliment will go a mile

Surprise them with a rose, a gift or card
Show how much for them you have regard
Pre-book a restaurant you love to dine
Enjoy an evening with candles and favourite wine

Life is what you make it people often say
Unless of course you leave it on replay
And never be made to think that you can't choose
As once you believe this you'll always have the blues


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