How To Fix A Broken Heart?

by Walter   Jul 28, 2020

I was always taught
From when a young boy
To respect my toys
So I'd always enjoy

And then they'll last
For a time so long
And stay with me
Where they belong

But occasionally
One of them might break
And possibly
From my own mistake

So then I was taught
To use my hands
So I could repair it
To again be grand

It made me happy
And I would always shine
When I fixed it
I was on cloud nine

This went on
Through all the years
Whenever something broke
There were no more tears

I was popular
Among all my friends
As they always asked me
To fix and mend

And there was never
Something I couldn't fix
I thought I was smart
And knew all the tricks

I was so proud
My future looking clear
And I had big dreams
To become an engineer

Although I didn't plan it
Nor did I think much of
But in my late teens
I was destined to fall in love

She was so beautiful
My heart she would ignite
We both came to a pause
It was love at first sight

That summer so romantic
Then both of us would grieve
I was going interstate
For Uni I would leave

We started writing letters
Pretty much everyday
But things got so busy
It wasn't always this way

Then one day it stopped
No longer she would write
Though I didn't really worry
I thought it would be alright

I became too confident
And didn't really care
Because whatever was broken
I thought I could repair

I planned to surprise her
And turned up at her door
But then what I found
Was not what I was looking for

She was with someone else
And said she couldn't wait
Our love was doomed to fail
When across the interstate

It hit me so hard
To find our love was fake
And it hurt me so much
It caused my heart to break

I just turned to leave
For a first becoming scared
As finally now I've found something
Which just can't be repaired


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Latest Comments

  • 1 month ago

    by Shah

    Very nice poem, it reminds us how hopeless we feel when our heart gets broken.

    • 1 month ago

      by Walter

      Thanks very much Shah for your comment and yes, it's always hard to heal a broken heart.