Coronavirus Poem Second Wave

by DavidPCarroll   Jul 31, 2020

Our lives have changed
Like never before I can't hug
Or kiss my beautiful mother like before
Sadness in her eyes as my sick
Elderly father cry's watching the tears
Roll down my
Auntie's eye's Mrs Carroll
She's 100 crying every day
Hoping to keep the virus at bay
I'm so confused I love my family
But I can't help them anymore
I find a lonely tear roll down my face
Our life's have changed so quickly
So fast I'm praying every day
No more happiness no
More fun no more hugging
Coronavirus is here as we watch our
Happiness and joy disappear
Every Day we practice social distance
Like never before I worry of
What will happen to you and me
Today and Tomorrow
Nobody seems to understand
This horrible disease
Coronavirus here
Coronavirus there
Coronavirus is here to stay
The second wave is already here
So scared like never before
Thinking about the elderly every day
When Lord will this horrible virus
Ever go away, I'm crying
As I hold a dying childs hands
I whisper.. I Love You my best friend
I'll never stop loving you
But I promise I'll love and pray
For everyone suffering from
Coronavirus every day..

© 2020 David P Carroll Poems..


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  • 3 months ago

    by Hellon

    This had a hip-hop melody to it that I loved...the message well, it's very current and one we all can relate to, who knows where this virus will find us all in the end. Nominated!