Twilight Zone

by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)   Jul 31, 2020

In my first primary school,
When the bell was rung for end of school at 5 PM,
Every pupil was expected to stand still for one minute.
It's like time stood still,
In a Twilight Zone.
Then a second bell would be rung to free us from the spell.
Many years later,
A stranger named Bella asked me on Facebook to be her boyfriend.
I could not remember meeting her before,
But her favourite series was Twilight.
Did she imagine I can become her vampire,
Just because my firstname is "Edward".
Things got spooky when a girl came home,
Looking for me,
Clad in a T-shirt emblazoned with my name,
Across her chest,
Plus the vampire from the series below it.
I froze for a minute.


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