Forbidden sparks

by Shining Stars   Aug 16, 2020

I think about that night all the time
And wonder where it all changed
We used to talk all the time
And now it’s just silence from your side
I feel guilty
For all the wrong reasons
I find myself wondering if you think of me too
Or if you shut it all out
I miss the late night talks
Seeing you damn near every day
I got used to the little things
That made me feel so safe
I can’t tell a single soul
About the sparks we had between us
The things we’ve done
Or the words we said
The way I felt for you was different
I can’t say it was love
But I also can’t say that it wasn’t
It wasn’t supposed to be
You were with her
And I was with him
But you listened
When I needed someone close
When the fighting was too much
When I didn’t want to go home
You were there when I cried
You would hold me and make it better
Make me laugh
Make the pain go away
I know I shouldn’t miss those nights
I know I shouldn’t miss you
I shouldn’t still feel those things I felt back then
I still feel the spark
I miss the way I felt that night we did the unthinkable
I miss the way your lips felt on mine
So gentle and kind
Your hands on me
Would sit like the butterflies I had inside
I miss the spark we weren’t supposed to have


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Latest Comments

  • 2 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Such an honest write, and I think the choice to not have much punctuation or any stanza breaks feels natural and effortless. It doesn't hinder the flow in my opinion.

    "The way I felt for you was different
    I can’t say it was love
    But I also can’t say that it wasn’t"

    - I like how you're reflecting on this, and admitting that it may or may not have been love, maybe something in between, or the start of a potential love, but it's okay if you don't know what it was. You just know it felt different. I love the realness of that and I have certainly felt this with someone too.

    It's so incredibly human to miss someone and miss being with them, even if we scold ourselves and say we shouldn't think back to that. When someone is consistently there for us, and makes us feel safe, they leave an impact.