Sonnet 44

by Ziad Dib Jreige   Sep 8, 2020


Reading through the writing of a friend,
Raising the question of the true morality,
And its arbitrary aspect.
I too, am searching for Truth.

We often search too far,
Before returning to the very place
We always used to dwell in.
Only to find there
What we couldn't find everywhere else.
And the bird of light,
That we cannot find in the forests of the world,
Is waiting for us in the single tree, near our home.

I think of Truth, again, and I write.

Sonnet 44

I hunted Truth down the valleys of lies
Around my neck I hung its holy name,
In the steep roads I confronted the wise
Along with the fool, the swift and the lame.
I've been ex?e?crat?ed for seeking light
In the low recesses of a dark vale,
As if through the hooting owls of the night
One was seeking a singing nightingale!
Between the arbitrary moral laws
Too many reflections turned my eyes blind,
Until a moment of peace without flaws
Towards nature diverted my limp mind.
As I changed my view for Truth's divine sake,
Amid darkness I saw the Light awake.

© Ziad Dib Jreige #sonnet44


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