The big C

by Trinity   Sep 11, 2020

When you were diagnosed we had hope, we had a prayer
The treatments they could offer meant your chance was more than fair
It hadn't spread to other parts, it didn't look so bad
and for the first year (maybe 2) you were the same old grumpy dad

By year 3 the treatments had begun to take their toll
Nothing was stopping this speeding train, it never slowed its roll
4 failed treatments later you were walking with a zimmer
Hope was fading fast, but we still saw a small glimmer

By year 4 you couldn't walk, trapped all day in bed
The pain relief they'd put you on was messing with your head
You spent time in the hospice, and a nurse pulled us aside
She gave you 2 weeks on this earth, we stayed outside and cried

We didn't tell you then that you did not have long to go
I don't think that we needed to, you already seemed to know
With carers knocking on the door and always in and out
Your appetite was low, and we were really in no doubt

You wasted away before us, there was nothing we could do
We talked and cried and begged to God to somehow help you through
At 56 you were too young and had too much life to live
But still you shrank to skin and bone, though we gave all we could give

That last day you talked normally, said you had tummy pain
We got you into hospital so they could check things out again
This is where we got the news- there was nothing they could do
Your organs were slowly shutting down, and soon your brain would too

You fell into a little sleep, and we got back just in time
To see you take your final breath a little after 9
All our hearts were broken, and still remain so now
We're doing the best we can dad, and we're getting through somehow

But we hope you know you're loved so much, more than you ever knew
We'll remember you for all our lives, and in everything we do
W'll try to make you proud, and even when were old
We'll remember you were the best dad, and worth more than any gold


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